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We are a church creative networking group with a mission to provide a safe place for Christian creatives in the Phoenix area and beyond. We strive to support one another, grow as a collective unit, collaborate, and spread the message of Jesus creatively and effectively.

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Are you a creative?

Phoenix Church Creatives is a creative community that thrives to connect creatives in person and online.

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Breakfast with Church Creatives

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We host meetups, workshops, services, and more, so we can build a community that fosters creativity and growth.We sometimes meet for breakfast in a different area of the city. Join our Facebook group for the most accurate updates.

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We've got merch! Click the shirt to visit our store and show others your creativity with hats and tees.

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Whether you're in Phoenix, the suburbs, online, or in-person, we have a place for you. Together, we learn from each other, host small groups and worship services, and bounce ideas off each other. Phoenix Church Creatives is a place to connect and create.

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